About Us

It Started with an Abundance of Questions…

The INEX Life Company, specifically, the INEX Kids brand, is a husband and wife owner operated business, focused on designing and manufacturing superior quality products, utilized throughout your families daily life. Countless hours have been spent researching and performing due diligence surrounding key critical products that friends, family, and loved ones were purchasing and utilizing on a daily basis; however, we were not quite satisfied.

    Many questions were raised: Why are certain products so expensive? Are superior quality materials utilized? Are the manufacturing conditions safe and regulatory compliant? Has the product been tested to ensure no harmful chemicals and that it meets all safety standards & requirements? Was the product designed with you and/or your family in mind? 

    We saw a need in the market place, so we set out on a mission to address it. 

      Premium Kids Products For Everyday Use 

      The  primary objective of the INEX Life Company, specifically, the INEX Kids brand, is to bring to market exciting, innovative, and dynamically designed products, which are created with you and your kiddos in mind. We are dedicated to producing affordable and superior quality products for your children. Moreover, we want you to be proud to be displaying the products in your home and throughout your daily life. All products are designed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   

        Our Ethos - Thinking Of You

        Our collection of useful everyday kids products, for each life cycle event, focus on offering the highest quality products, without the astronomically high price tag. INEX Kids fosters creativity and manufacturing technological advancements to produce the best products for you and your children. We combine a cutting-edge and ground-breaking approach to our product due diligence, manufacturing, and design processes.