Change your customer dwell time into looked out, carefree moments!

Interactive play terminals for relaxed parents, happy kids and pleased employees

  • Minimum space requirements: For the smallest INEX KIDS you only need one meter space

  • Attractive Design: With us you don't get cheerless computers, instead you will find interactive entertainment packaged in high quality wooden furniture

  • No need to tidy up: Your INEX KIDS play system has no single components and is always ready to be played

  • Special requests? We are happy to laquer the housing in your CI colors and to apply your logo!

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More models at attractive prices

Terminals with 16" Touchscreen from 995€.


and what they say about us

„INEX KIDS play terminals can be ordered in individual colors and also with logo application. The service is very fast and reliable. After the first testing period of 2 years we have equipped at all our shops with INEX KIDS devices.“


Viktor Hüfken, General Manager
Bruno Kleine GmbH

„We offer our customer a great shopping experience which means that also our small guests should feel comfortable while their parents choose and try on different clothes. We have integrated 5 INEX KIDS Rockets in our shops and it turned out very well. The kids are enthusiastic about the colorful design and the huge variety of games. “


Anja Godehardt
- Marketing -
Modehaus Fischer GmbH & Co KG